First day of IMIC conference

The second edition of IMIC- Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference has opened today, in which speakers from large automotive, aeronautical and energy companies and international professionals of the highest level have participated. The programme has addressed the principles of Industry 4.0 and its application to predictive and advanced maintenance, in which the contribution of intelligence to maintenance management is key. The event has focused on cutting-edge technology for Smart/Predictive Maintenance and other technology related to manufacturing.

The conference has been divided into 6 sessions in which a strategic and technological approach has been used to address the main themes of the sector based on the technical needs of users: Internet of Things (IoT) in Maintenance, Operator 4.0, Big Data Analytics and New-Know in Maintenance, SMARTisation and Condition Monitoring, Cyber-security and Risks and Cloud Computing, Sources of Maintenance Data and Data Repositories.

The exhibition area has been a strategic space for the conference. As well as being a product, technology and services information point, it has served as a meeting point for the sector, in which a Coffee Break, a Lunch and other Networking events have been held.

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