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Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference

Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference

Conference Program

Data updated date 29/05/2018
Title: SESSION 8: Maintenance 4.0 through various sectors. Success stories
Thematic: Maintenance 4.0 through various sectors. Success Stories

29/05/2018 — 12:05 - 13:35

Conference room in pavilion 4

12:05-12:20 Maintenance 4.0. Mercedes-Benz, España. - Arantza Valle Velasco. Maintenance Engineer Gross Assembly - MERCEDES-BENZ ESPAÑA.

12:20-12:40 Maintenance 4.0. success stories: Virtual and Augmented Reality in aircraft engine assembly - Gabriel Molla. Fleet Evaluation Systems Team Leader - ITP Aero.

12:40-13:00 Baker Hughes a GE company: modernization of field services in Oil & Gas. - Mattia Bellamoli

13:00- 13:20 Case studies in field services: Facility Management, Equipment manufacturing and Mobility - David Ajuriaeusokoa. Director of Industry - PRODWARE & Javier López. Solutions Specialist - PRODWARE

13:20-13:35 Keys to Outsourcing: Selective Digitalization and Unified Management of Mto Services Industrial. - David Soler. Digital Transformation Manager - DOMINION

Arantza Valle Velasco
Mercedes-Benz España
Gabriel Mollá Balañac
ITP Aero
Mattia Bellamoli
Senior Solution Architect
ServiceMax from GE Digital
David Ajuriaeusokoa
Director of Industry
Javier López
Solutions Specialist
David Soler

Conferences have simultaneous translation.